spa care deep clean

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What we do as part of our DEEPCLEAN service:

  • Remove the Filter, check condition and deep clean
    Add BioFilm Eliminator (a very powerful form of Chlorine – 10 times stronger than Pool Chlorine) to destroy bacterial colonies and mineral deposits, circulate for up to 4 hours
  • Check the spa plumbing for leaks and integrity, including all seals and gaskets
  • Check the operation and condition of all controls, pumps, valves and wiring
  • Check all jets for satisfactory operation and integrity of seal to the spa body
  • Add Spa System Flush (a powerful blend of surfactants and enzymes) to remove stubborn grease, body fats and chemical deposits from deep within the spa plumbing, circulate for 1 hour
  • Drain the water from the spa
  • Clean and sanitise the spa interior surface
  • Refill with clean filtered water
  • Test the water for Total Alkalinity, pH and Hardness
  • Adjust the water balance prior to sanitising
  • Add Rapid Shock Treatment to eliminate residual bacteria
  • Clean the underside of the Spa Cover and treat the topside with Protectant 303
  • Establish the sanitising system
  • Re-check the operation of all spa functions from the top side controller
  • Clean the hot tub exterior and hose down the immediate area

You should then find that your weekly maintenance is limited to:

  • Checking and adding Bromine Tablets to your dispenser, or dosing with Bromine Granules.
  • Adding Non-Chlorine Shock to reactivate spent Bromine and clarify the spa water

And afterwards, periodically:

  • Clean your filters
  • Check the water balance
  • Clean & condition your Spa Cover