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Spa filters in the Algarve Portugal

Good Life Spas is your one-stop-shop for spa filters in the Algarve! The filter is the one of the most important components of your spa and it is essential that it is maintained properly and replaced at the recommended intervals.

We have the largest selection of replacement spa filters in Portugal with over 90 different part numbers to cover virtually every make and model, ever manufactured.

About Spa Filters

Spa Filters are often described as being made of paper when in actual fact they are manufactured from a polyester fibre fabric, this is then pleated and made into a cylindrical shape by bonding both ends with a hard rubber compound.

The most common filters have a hole at either end, or a handle on the top with a male screw fitting on the bottom, although there are a variety of end finishes as shown in the ‘How to Measure Filters’ section of this PDF guide.

Some spas now also use a “Micron” filter, they are manufactured from a sintered Polypropylene material and are capable of removing much finer particles than the Polyester fibre type. These filters are not designed to be cleaned and should be replaced every 4-6 months.

Filter Maintenance Products

  • Regular Cleaning: Use “Instant Filter Cleaner” to remove grease and oils.
  • Deep Cleaning: Use “Immerse Filter Cleaner” and soak overnight.
  • Rinsing Filters: Use a “Water Wand” to open the pleats and guarantee thorough cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance Products

a.) Use “Scum Absorber Sponges”, they remove oil and grease from the water before it gets to the filter.

b.) Use “Pollen Bug-a-Boo” fine mesh screens that stretch over a Spa Scoop to remove fine particles and smaller contaminants, a scoop alone can’t get.