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Our SpaCare maintenance contracts are designed for spa owners who want professional water care management, or for those who sub-let their property and need a regular service to ensure it is safe and inviting for guests.

After each and every visit, full written reports are e-mailed to all our customers, detailing; the spa water condition, chemical additions made, any preventative maintenance required and control or equipment issues that might need rectifying – So you can rest assured that your spa is in good hands.

Choose from our range of tailored packages to suit your needs, our dedicated regular maintenance contracts provide 6, 10, or 20 visits per year.

Alternatively, we can provide an “on demand” water change and spa clean, known as the Flush & Fill Service, for when your spa needs some extra care – You can even pre-book 4 visits to cover the entire year at a discounted rate.

And for older, or neglected spas, our Deep Clean Major Service employs highly specialised cleaners combined with super strong sanitisers to eliminate chemical and bacterial residues that build up over time. The intense, deep clean of the spa plumbing, filters, shell and jets, brings your spa back to good as new condition, we even treat the cover with 303 Protectant and refill the spa with balanced, sanitised water, ready for you to enjoy.

Below is a guide to what we do during the maintenance visits:

  1. Remove the Filter, check condition and clean with IFC and flush with clean water.
  2. Check all jets for satisfactory operation and integrity of seal to the spa body.
  3. Clean the spa interior waterline to remove any scum line.
  4. If necessary, treat with AquSPArkle Foam Reducer.
  5. Top up with clean filtered water.
  6. Test the water for; Total Alkalinity, pH and Hardness
  7. Adjust the water balance, if required.
  8. Add Rapid Shock Treatment to remove water borne particles and bacteria.
  9. Treat with AquaSPArkle Clarifier – if required
  10. Measure and regulate the Bromine levels.
  11. Check the operation of all spa functions from the top side controller.
  12. Clean the underside of the spa cover.
  13. Clean the hot tub exterior and hose down the immediate area.

Plus – every 3 months:

  • The Spa will be emptied and refilled with fresh water, balanced and sanitised.
  • The Spa Cover will be conditioned with 303 Protectant – to prevent U.V. damage.
  • The Filters will be deep cleaned